We now carry Organic Chicken we offer
Boneless & Skinless Thighs

Boneless Breast

Bone In Thighs

Drum Sticks

Great for the Crock Pot

Chuck Roast 



$6.99 lb

Beef Cubes

$6.99 lb

Southern Style BBQ

Baby Back Ribs
$7.99 lb

(cooked just heat and serve)

Store Made

Panko Pork Cutlets

$5.99 lb

Store Made

Chicken Cordon Blue

Breaded boneless chicken breast stuffed

with ham and swiss

$4.99 lb

sale ends 1/29/22

Frozen Specials

(while supplies last)

Chicken Drums
$1.99 lb

Hot Wings
$3.99 lb

Frozen Turkey's 
12 lb avg.
$1.89 lb

Bone In Turkey Breast 
4 lb - 7 lb avg. only
$2.99 lb

Bacon Cheddar Burgers

$2.99 lb