85% Lean (5 lb Bag)
Ground Round
$3.89 lb

Let's Get Crockin'
Bottom Round Roast or Rump Roast
 $4.99 lb

Incredible flavor and tenderness
Beef Short Ribs
$7.99 lb

Fully Cooked Just Heat & Serve
Pulled Pork
$5.99 lb

We've got more chicken legs then a bucket of chicken ...
Whole Chicken Legs
$1.99 lb

Drums or Thighs
$1.99 lb

Try with our BBQ Rotisserie Chicken Rub
$3.15 jar

Chicken Breast
$1.79 lb

Fall in Love with 
Honey Glazed Acorn Squash
Grilled onions, dried dates, fresh thyme, lemon with
extra virgin olive oil dressing

$4.99 lb

Boar's Head
Jerk Chicken Breast or Baby Swiss Cheese
$9.99 lb

sale ends 10/31/20

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