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Treat Dad for Father's Day
Prime Tomahawk Steak
Steak so big you need two hands!!

$25.99 lb

Bone In
Chicken Breast

$3.99 lb

Savor the Delectable Seasoned
Pork Cupcake
Pork Bellie rolled and seasoned with our Signature Rib Rub 

Great for the Grill, Smoker or Oven
$6.99 lb 

Fresh & Meaty
Baby Back Ribs
$3.99 lb 

Introducing our latest creation, the .....

Reuben Egg Roll
$3.99 ea.

Indulge in this mouthwatering fusion of flavors featuring our Corned Beef with Sauerkraut, Swiss & Russian Dressing

Store Made

Cooked Meat Loaf

$7.99 lb

Enhance our delicious Meat Loaf experience by pairing it with a fresh and flavorful store-made salad.

sale ends 6/17/23

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