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Country Style Spare Ribs

$2.99 lb

Hot honey

chicken satay

Each skewer carries tender chicken pieces marinated in an exotic blend of spices and herbs, But that’s just the prelude - our fiery yet irresistibly sweet hot honey glaze takes the spotlight, coating each morsel with a delightful kick of heat complimented by a sticky-sweet finish.

$10.99 lb


beef fajita

with Flame Roasted peppers & onions
$9.99 lb


picanha steak

Savor the bold, sumptuous flavors of our premium Picanha Steak, a treasure among meat lovers! This crown jewel of South American cuisine is renowned for its rich marbling and robust taste. 

$8.99 lb

store make

gorgonzola short rib burger

Discover the ultimate burger experience with our Gorgonzola & Short Rib Burgers! Expertly combining the rich, tender essence of prime short rib with the bold, creamy nuances of Gorgonzola cheese

$12.49 lb

fully cooked

fried chicken

$6.49 lb

fully cooked

pineapple teriyaki shrimp

Get hooked on the sweet 'n' savory wave with our Fully Cooked Pineapple Teriyaki Shrimp! It's a tropical twist on your dinner routine that'll send your taste buds surfing through flavor paradise! 

$10.99 lb

NEW Store Made

nutty orchard chop salad

Dive into a bowl of vibrant freshness with our captivating Chop Salad! A harmonious blend of lush mixed greens forms the perfect bed for a rich symphony of toppings: crunchy sliced almonds, sweet glazed walnuts, and delicate pignoli's complement the tartness of dried cranberries and juicy mandarins. The salad is beautifully crowned with creamy feta cheese, all brought together by a zesty raspberry dressing. 

$5.99 lb

sale ends 4/27/24

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